Accessible & Inclusive Content Development

I have evaluated at differing levels of detail several corporate/enterprise application for conformance to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines. In the IT environment a lot of focus tends to stick to the first Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) principle: Perceivable. This is understandable as many of the success criterion under Perceivable can be identified via automated

Inclusive & Accessible Design

Introduction W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines provide the basis for making web content accessible for people who have all different types of sensory and cognitive circumstances. In a corporate environment working with a lot of different project teams there are always competing expectations and needs. In certain instances there is a contractual requirement like Section

Moderated Remote Usability Test Plan

Introduction As I work in an internal corporate UX role I have predominantly conducted usability testing remotely and via 1:1 moderated sessions. The company that I work for has strict security requirements which makes using unmoderated testing tools difficult to procure (however we have worked some unmoderated scopes and I as a quantitative guy really


Introduction I have mixed feelings about personas. I think my mixed feelings have arisen from improper usage of personas. Personas suffer from the challenge of… if not done properly then not only are they not helpful they are actually harmful to the User Experience process. However, when created (and validated) and used throughout development they